2022 Noël Commercial Madness!!

This post contains info and the link to purchase the 2022 Noël Commercial Madness.

Here is the 2022 edition of the Noël Commercial Madness! This is the full French version that contains 8 commercials with activities to make each commercial comprehensible such as readings, image sequence, graphic novels (comic strips), transcripts, matching, ClipChat readings, and more. There is a link to a Google Drive folder that contains all of the activities, bulletin board materials, downloaded commercials, screenshots, a full slideshow with all videos and activities, and the 2022 bracket. The Google doc has many activities and linked games to help make each commercial comprehensible.

I recommend reading THIS POST which explains the Noël Commercial Madness, what to do, and lists a variety of CI activities.

Here is the Youtube playlist of all of the commercials:

Be sure to share your results on Twitter using the hashtag #NoëlMadness. You are welcome to create additional resources.  If you create any additional activities, slideshows, resources for any of these commercials, please share them with me on Twitter @williamson_ci or via email: dwphotoski@gmail.com and I’ll add them to the Google folder.  
This takes a long time to make. I hope you and your students enjoy the madness as much as mine do!



  1. Thank You Williamson for sharing , my students were asking for it !!!!

    *Madame Karima EL- HAMRAOUI * *French Teacher * *Lyman Hall & Sheehan High School * [image: Image result for lyman hall high school logo] [image: Mark T. Sheehan High School – Wikipedia] “Petit à petit, l’oiseau fait son nid” Patience and Perseverance are the Key of Success

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