P.A.T Activities-Movie Quotes

I started P.A.T. this year, or Preferred Activity Time.  I give each period automatically 3 minutes.  They can earn more by great participation, everybody reads, everybody answers questions, etc.  At first I wasn’t going to take away minutes but I decided I will.  I only take away minutes if everybody is speaking English and if there is excessive cell phone usage.  And I only take away the 3 minutes that I give them automatically.  I do not take away the minutes that they earn.

Every Friday we play a game for the amount of time that they earned.  I give them choices.  This Friday we might play movie quote game.  I project a famous movie quotation translated into Spanish and they guess what movie it is from.

Here is the PDF version of it.   I am using a slideshow version so that the answers are not visible at first.


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