The Culture of Spain

Food and meals in Spain and music from Spain activities are in this post.The Culture of Spain

I am teaching a brand new class called Hispanic Culture.  We are studying the food, music, films, products, and customs of various Spanish-speaking countries.  It is a culture class, not a language class.  I have been wanting to teach this class for a couple years and finally there are enough students to have it.  My goal is to go on a cultural adventure while tasting, hearing, and watching the various products.

We just finished a unit about Spain.  We talked about their foods and meal customs and made churros and tortilla española.  We watched the film La Gran Familia Española which was okay and we talked about flamenco and musical artists from Spain such as David Bisbal, Enrique Iglesias, and Alejandro Sanz.

I am sharing with you a webquest about food and meals in Spain.  It may be a nice sub activity.  Here is the Spain food/meals webquest activity.

I am also sharing with you my handout about music from Spain which includes brief biographies and song lyrics from David Bisbal, Enqique Iglesias and Alejandro Sanz.  Here is the Music in Spain handout.




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