El Internado Resources

This page will be updated with new resources as they are made  (Updated 07/14/18)
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Link to Mike Peto’s El Internado Resources (he has a unlimited amount of incredible readings, activities, vocabulary structures, etc…)

Link to Allison Wienhold’s Resources includes readings for season 2 & 3, lesson plans for season 1, and culture

Link to Kara Jacobs’ Resources includes additional activities and slideshows

Link to Bethanie Drew’s Resources includes readings and a Ratoncito Perez cultural exetension

Link to Bryan Kandel’s Resources with great activities to make it comprehensible

El Internado Resources:

Here are all my resources  and links:

Teaching with El Internado

Added 6/24/15: The benefits of using Internado–A letter to administration I wrote in support of using Internado in the classroom

Added 11/6/14 Google Drive of Season 1 Resources


Episodio 1 “Los monstruos hacen cosquillas”

Added 12/4/15Teaching Episode 1 of El Internado: A step by step lesson plan

Added 9/13/14: Story Scripts to introduce core structures from the episode:  EL ALUMNO MALO  •  EL ANIMAL PELIGROSO



Essential student guide and end of episode assessment from Mike Peto

Supplementary materials: photo collages, ppt introducing characters & teacher warning sheet from Mike Peto

kahoot-logo.pngKahoot game after 1st 5 minutes

Kahoot! Game for the first part of Episode 1

Added 6/25/15: Graphic Novels for Episode 1 to be read before viewing

Episode 1 Google Drive Resources

Quizizz game after 1st 10 minutes

Added 1/31/16Episode 1 Slideshow–with screenshots of important scenes, made by Kara Jacobs

edpuzzleAdded 2/8/16:  Edpuzzles for Episode 1–great way to check for comprehension!

Edpuzzle 1 | Edpuzzle 2  |  Edpuzzle 3  |  Edpuzzle 4  |  Edpuzzle 5

Added 2/6/16: Pre-watching slideshow to improve comprehension–from Kara Jacobs

Episode 2 “Todo el mundo tiene un secreto”

Added 1/28/16  Teaching Episode 2–A step by step lesson plan

Episode 2 Essential Vocab Structures



Reading from Kara Jacobs

 Essential student guide and end of episode assessment from Mike Peto

Supplementary materials from Mike Peto

Added 6/29/15: Graphic Novels for Episode 2

Added 10/16/15: Graphic Novel from Josh Struckman

Episode 2 Google Drive Resources

Episode 3 “Ojos que no ven”

Reading Activity from Kara Jacobs

 Essential student guide from Mike Peto

Supplementary materials (from Mike Peto): Four high-quality “graphic novel” power points that help prepare students to view hard to understand sections, Five power points with screen shots from key moments to get students to review major plot developments, an power point that reviews episode 2 while providing repetitive review of some key advanced vocabulary and a story map activity to be completed mid-episode.

Episode 3 Google Drive Resources

Added 7/14/18: Episode 2/3 Summaries,

Episode 3 Graphic Novels:   Relative Pronouns focus   |   12:00-23:17 scenes

Episode 4 “Un mensaje en una botella”

Episode 4 Google Drive Resources

Added 3/31/16: Episode 4 study guide from Mike Peto: Includes 11 activities, 2 Kahoot games, Quizlet readings, and more.  This study guide is a must!

Added 7/14/18: Episode 4 Graphic Novels:  Pedro and Elsa Conversation  |  Elsa and María Conversation

Episode 5 “Un cadaver en la laguna”


Episode 5 Google Drive Resources

Added 5/1/16: Graphic Novels from Jennifer López

Episode 6 “La noche de Santa Isabel”


Episode 6 Google Drive Resources

Graphic Novels



Season 2 Kahoot game to be played after watching season 2

Episode 1: “¿Con qué sueñan los peces?”

Added 4/10/16: Season 2 Episode 1 Reading Guide


Added 1/28/16: Graphic Novels

Added 3/8/16: Quizlet with Important Scenes

Added 4/2/16: Graphic Novels from Sebastian Spoenemann

Added 4/12/16 Kahoot game to be played at the end of the episode


Episode 2: “Persiguiendo luciérnagas”

Added 1/28/16: Graphic Novels




Episode 3: “El anillo”


Reading Drawing Activity


Episode 4: “La caja de música”


Reading Activities to accompany this episode


Episode 5 “En Orden Alfabético”

Reading QR Code Activity


Episode 6 “Ver para Creer”

Reading Activity from Allison Wienhold


Episode 7 “Mi Amigo el Monstruo”

Reading Activity from Allison Wienhold


Episode 8 “El Polo Norte”

Reading Activity from Allison Wienhold




Episode 1 “El búho”



Episode 2: “8 milimetros”



Added 3/30/16: Episode 3.3 – El soldadito de plomo from Allison Wienhold


Added 3/30/16El Internado 3.4 – En el fondo del mar from Allison Wienhold


Added 3/30/16El Internado 3.5 – La vida es un sueño from Allison Wienhold


Temporada 4

El Intenado Final Exam for Spanish 4 (based mostly on season four)

Kahoot! game for Episdoe 1 of Season 4



Twitter Activity:


Inspired by Carrie Toth


Fair Use Evaluation Documentation – El Internado reading guides_activities


    • How often do you pause when watching in class? Every time someone says something do I pause, establish meaning, and circle, or let them get the gist and work more with all the resources for the episode? I guess I’m struggling on how to “watch” it in class if that makes sense.

  1. This is outstanding! Such a great compilation of resources. It seems that many teachers have different approaches to teaching el Internado. How long do you spend on a given episode? In one school year, how many do you get through? Does that leave time for other things (like comprehensible novels)? Sorry for so many questions, but since the CI world is still growing, I love to find out what others are doing!

    • When I first start showing Internado, I spend a few classes on each episode. We do the graphic novels, study guides, readings, talk about what happened…I also pre-teach some vocabulary structures. I want them to get used to the language (speed/accent), get to know the characters and the plot. After a few episodes, I will only spend 1 class and 1/2 on each episode. In Spanish 4, we just watch it straight through whereas in other levels, I pause it while watching it. We watch it every Friday so the other days we are doing novels, music, vocab structures, etc. It does leave time for other things.
      Happy to answer other questions that you may have!

  2. I am having trouble finding/accessing the EDpuzzles…i am very curious about these and just wondering what i am missing☺

    As always, thanks so much for all your hard work, ideas and for this amazing website! Has been invaluable!

    • When you click on the Edpuzzle link, does it go directly to the video quiz? If not, two things that you can do: in the Edpuzzle search field, search for “Kristy Placido” or “Dustin Williamson” for the Internado Edpuzzles. I am just beginning to use Edpuzzle so I am not quite familiar with it yet but I like it so far!

  3. I was able to find them by searching directly for your names, thank you! If anyone else was having troubles with this, make sure you are in the EdPuzzles category on the left-hand side☺

  4. I love love love this! However, I can’t get into any other Ed puzzle other than Ed puzzle # 1. Can you help me? These help me students so much.

    • That’s because the links were bad! Thanks for letting me know. I have updated them so they should work now. You can also go to Edpuzzle and search for Internado. I just did that and found tons of them.

  5. I am a CI newcomer and truly, truly appreciate all the resources you (and others) are willing to share. ¡Mil gracias!

    • It is no longer on Netflix so here are some places to find the episodes: 1) you can buy the series on amazon.es or on ebay 2) I think some episodes are on Dailymotion 3) you can buy a subscription to atresmedia and watch them there but do a little research and make sure that Internado is actually on atresmedia.

      • Thank you so much for all of your hard work. I used El Internado last year and my students loved it. I am continuing with season 2 with my level 5 students. Do you have reading guides for episodes other than episode 1? I would love to be able to use them. I am so upset that TPT is no longer allowing the materials on there. Please let me know if you have any guides and if not, do you know where i can find them?


  6. I became so excited when I saw that I could possibly find El Internado online to show to my Spanish IV class…I checked Atresmedia and all seasons were actually there! But when I click on the episode to watch it, I receive an error message saying that it’s ‘not available in my geographic region’!! Such a bummer! The only place I can find it is by purchasing the complete set on Amazon and it is pretty pricey! Has anybody found it anywhere else? (preferably live streaming, online!)

    N Gomez

    • There are episodes on Dailymotion, but I haven’t found any from season 1. There may be clips of episodes on Youtube. Did you check on Spain amazon? You can buy the whole season for 88 euros at amazon.es

      • I, too, would like to know where to find them. I just started teaching Spanish III & IV this year, and I’d love to be able to use it in those classes. I’d be willing to buy the series, but I know European formatting can be different for DVDs. Do you know if this is the case? And is it a pain to ship from Spain? TIA!

      • It is not a pain to ship from Spain. I have done it several times before. Amazon.es has the series. If you use the VLC media player on your computer, the European DVD format will not be a problem.

  7. Can you give a general rating for the show (G,PG, PG-13…)? I think this sounds amazing, but I work in a Christian school where profanity, sexual content, graphic scenes would not be acceptable. I can’t find any information on parent movie guides, etc. If this were still on Netflix, I would just watch if for myself, but I don’t want to buy it and then find out I can use it. Any insight? Muchas gracias in advance!

    • I’d say that some scenes could be rated R but most are PG-13. There is quite a bit of profanity (in Spanish), some graphic scenes and partial nudity. I always have my students get a permission slip signed. It could be a little much for your school. Have you heard of Go Vive a tu Manera? It is on Netflix and is completely appropriate.

      • I completely agree with Dustin´s comment about Go with the POSSIBLE exception of the last episode of the second season, where there is a pretty obvious hint that one of the main characters may be gay; however, it is a VERY brief hint. I had to scrap a bunch of lessons last year based on Rebelde Way, which my students LOVED, but out of 40 parents, one was horrified by the “inappropriate” racy scenes which occasionally came up. In retrospect, I could have gone to the effort of simply editing out the racy stuff, but frankly, I know that was also part of why my teenagers like it . . .which is unsurprising considering it was made for a teenage audience. Another one which I have started using, and find the Spanish easy to understand is Mi Familia es un Dibujo. The advantage to this last one is that it is even “legally posted” on YouTube, so access is easy, even making it easy to do EdPuzzle activities such as this one I did https://edpuzzle.com/media/5f0eeb78bacd6b3f319a5885 The issue with Mi Familia es un dibujo is that while the language is quite simple to understand, it looks very dated .. . because it is.

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