I just discovered Kahoot!  and it is by far my favorite new activity game.  Kahoot_colours-35Many thanks to @proftech115 for telling me about it!  It is fairly easy to use and super engaging and fun in class.  It can, though, take some time to make the game ( to write the questions) but it is definitely worth it.  Kahoot is an online game site.  You need at least 2 devices (computer, tablet, Ipad, smartphone) in order to play.

We played it for the first time today in Spanish 2 to review the first 5 chapters of Felipe Alou.  My class was so engaged and so into it that they wanted to immediately play again.  We had a total of 7 teams and they used my classroom set of laptops.   HERE IS THE FELIPE ALOU KAHOOT GAME.

I strongly encourage you to try this.   I’ll be doing this in my other classes as well.



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