Gesture Game

Here is a fun game to play for all levels.  I’ll call it the gesture game.

Divide the class up into two teams.  My room is divided into countries so I have one country against another country.  You will also need some student judges (3 works well).

You say a vocabulary word or a sentence from a novel in the target language.  One team acts it out.  Then you say the same word/phrase to the other team and they act it out.  The judges say who did it best.   The entire team must be involved in the gesture/acting it out.   Whichever team  the judges say, they get a point.

You keep playing for as long as you want.

Make sure you rotate on which team gets the vocab/phrase first.

We played it today in my Spanish 3 class and they thought it was very fun and wanted to play it again.


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