El Internado-Capítulo 7, Temp 2

Pretty soon in Spanish 4  we will watching season 2 of El Internado, La Laguna 

El_internado_logoNegra. They watched season 1 in Spanish 3 last year.   When I was in Spain in August, I bought almost every season on DVD.  On the season 2 DVD, there is a review of the entire season 1.  You can easily buy the DVDs on amazon.es.   Before we watch season 2, I am showing the season 1 resumen.  I will show it first and then do some MovieTalk with it.  We will also be READING THIS: 1a temporada resumen.   After we watch the first episode (capítulo 7) of temporada 2, we will do THIS READING.

My students loved it last year and are looking forward to seeing what happens.  I am excited with the DVDs because they have Spanish subtitles.

I will continue to share my Internado resources as the year goes on.



  1. What is Movie Talk?
    Also, can you please send a link to what I need to order…is it just seasons 1 & 2??

  2. Cool, I just started episode 7 today. I made a review sheet too, based on the summary of a fan site. I’m looking forward to reading your posts this year.

    • Yes. You need to download VLC player onto your computer. Set VLC player as the default for DVDs (meaning each time you put in a DVD it automatically opens with VLC). It works great with mulit-region DVDs.

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