Maine TCI Conference Wrap-Up

Over 90 people attended the Maine TCI Conference in Lewiston on October 10-11th with Laurie Clarcq.    Here is what I took away from it, AKA the highlights:

Day 1:


-impossible to write and absorb language at the same time

– connect the language and the heart

– visualization is the key to comprehension

– the slower you go the more they listen

– introduce structurally embedded vocabulary by: write/tell meaning, gestures, TPR, visuals, sound effects, actors

– read more= acquire more language, know more, understand more, think more, imagine more, grow more, be more

– the purpose of a language is to express a vision or an emotion,  purpose of language as communication is to create a picture in the mind and/or heart of another person


– assign student jobs= helps with classroom management

– having a conversation with the class, screenshot only serves as a starting point

– do reading of video clip and follow-up activities


– Important questions:  1) What will be assessed?  2) Why will it be assessed?   3) How will it be assessed?  4) How often will it be assessed?   5) How will the assessment be used?

-assessment can be: games, activities, guided practice, quizzes, rough drafts, hw, projects, etc.


-kids will remember everything done in song

– lots of activities with songs!   gestures, improv, sound effects, pictograms, poetry, story


-try something radical= don’t put the verb endings example: put habl = talk


tuv- tuviera, tuvieran…..

pud- pudiera, pudieras, pudieran…..

– Keep asking for details, take your time asking the questions

You can look at the notes that I took HERE.


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