Song Packets

Music is a big part of what we do in all of my classes.  We listen to a new song every two weeks.  I spent the past few days making song packets for each of my classes.  They include around 13 songs each with activities.  Thanks to Kristy Placido and Martina Bex who have shared their song files on their websites.  I included some of their activities in my song packets along with many more that I have made.

Spanish 2 Song Packet

Spanish 3 Song Packet

Spanish 4 Song Packet



    • I do one song every two weeks or so. Here are some of the things that I do with songs:
      1) Listen to the song, fill in the cloze activity, watch the music video.
      2) Pre-teach vocabulary structures from the song then listen to it.
      3) Do a pre-listening activity by looking at the lyrics. Almost treat the song as a text. Works very well with songs that tell a story.
      4) After listening to the song, do a sequence activity. I cut up lyrics and they put them in the correct order.
      5) After listening to the song, I give each student a part of the song in large font. They have to physically put themselves in the correct order.
      6) After listening to the song, translate the lyrics (my students often request this)

      Each class we do something different with the “song of the week.” After we are done with the song, I might give them a quiz on it. We never listen to the song more than twice in one class period.

      Let me know if you have any other questions. I’ll be posting my new song packets for this fall in a couple weeks.

      • Hu, Dustin! Thank you for being so accommodating. I realize that it is still summer vacation, and truly appreciate your willingness to respond to my question in such a detailed manner. I also appreciate the fact that you so very generously share your materials on your blog. Also – thank you for your willingness to entertain future questions. I will look for your new song packets in the weeks ahead. Cheers!

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