Jazzed Up Class Info Sheets

Every summer at this time I always think how I can make my class info/syllabus sheets more creative and attractive.  By using Piktochart (thanks to @placido for tweeting hers!), I updated mine.  Piktochart can be used for many other things during the school year.  Can’t wait to keep using it!

You cannot make a nice printed copy of it so I did a screen capture of each box and inserted each image onto a Pages document.

Here they are:

Spanish 4 Class Info

Spanish 3 Class Info

Spanish 2 Class Info




One comment

  1. […] I like to update my class info syllabus sheet every summer.  I especially think it is important to give an updated sheet to the students that I will have again.   It lets them know that they are in a new class, in a new level, and that we will be doing different things than the previous year.  I also wanted to put only the necessary info and to keep it to one page.  I made these on the website Canva.  I made last year’s class info sheets on Piktochart.  See them HERE. […]

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