Internado Episode 5 Graphic Novels

With many thanks to Jennifer López of Arizona for sharing these graphic novels for Season 1, Episode 5 of El Internado.  CLICK HERE to see all the other graphic novels for Internado.

Graphic Novel 1 : In Latin classep 5 GN2 Elsa Mamá de Evelyn.001

Graphic Novel #2: Elsa with Evelyn’s Mom

Graphic Novel #3: Teachers talking about Amelia’s error

Graphic Novel #4: Victoria and Iván cleaning and talking about Carolina

Graphic Novel #5: New school rules and more about Amelia



    • I show them before we watch the scene, kinda like pre-teaching what’s going to happen so that when we watch it I won’t have to pause it and explain what’s happening. We read it together as a class, I check for comprehension, and try to develop suspense.

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