Internado Episode 1 Assessment

We just finished watching episode 1 of El Internado in my Spanish 3 class.  I made a little assessment for it that went pretty well and I am sharing it now.  It contains a listening comprehension (via Edpuzzle), a writing part, and a reading comprehension.  After doing the reading guides, graphic novels, Kahoot, MovieTalking important scenes, and Edpuzzle practices, (CLICK HERE for all those activities) my students had no problems with understanding the episode and therefore no problems with the assessment.

Here is the Episode 1 Assessment:

Internado Episode 1 Assessment PDF

Internado Episode 1 Assessment Word



  1. Thank you for sharing all of your resources! It really appreciate it! Just wondering… In your upper level classes, do you do El Internado one day a week only and then other things during the week? Do you also read a class novel together? What else do you do the rest of the week? I’m starting a new semester and wondering how you do it! Thanks for any feedback you can give!

    • We only watch Internado on Fridays. The other days we do a class novel together, songs, MovieTalk, and other units. For example, in Spanish 4, we read Vida y Muerte en la Mara Salvatrucha and did a unit on El Salvador and gangs. We also did MovieTalk for the 2016 Spanish loteria video and a new song every 2-3 weeks. So the answer is yes! We do other things during the week.

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