Android-Rock, Paper, Scissors MovieTalk

Here are MovieTalk materials for the Android Rock Paper Scissors commercial and a different approach to MovieTalk.

Android has a great commercial that I am calling Rock, Paper, Scissors.  We just finished it in Spanish 3.  I did this MovieTalk a bit differently than other MovieTalks that I have done.  My classes are 80 minutes.  This MovieTalk was done for about 20-45 minutes each class.  Here is my lesson breakdown:

Day 1:

Show the  Screenshot Slideshow.  I did not tell my class that these came from a video.  I also had no specific structures in mind nor did I have a script already prepared.  It was non targeted.  We talked about each screenshot in the target language: What do you see?  How does the paper/rock feel?  What are they doing?  How would you react?  etc….

-Instead of playing and pausing the video, I showed the screenshot slideshow.  This was much better than using the video.  Nobody got tired of me pausing the video.  Nobody asked to watch the whole video without stopping.  The class focused more on the conversation and the language.

Day 2:

We continued talking about the screenshots (we did not get through all of them in one class).   As we were talking, I had a student write down everything that we said so I could use some of it when I wrote the reading.

Day 3:

We were ready to watch the video.  I showed it all the way through without stopping.  What was great is that I asked my class if they wanted me to pause it and talk about it and of course they said no.  But then I told them that we already talked about it with the screenshots!  We then played Quizlet Diagram.   After that, we read the Spanish Reading  as a class.  There are many ways to read in class including paper airplane, volleyball reading, in groups, or…. The next time we do a reading, we will do it differently to provide novelty.

Day 4:

We reviewed the reading by playing this Kahoot.   Often times my class wants to play Kahoot at least twice so we do (that’s re-reading and more repetition!)  We then played this game: I printed 10 of the screenshots before class.  We went in our auditorium lobby (there is more room-this game can also be played outside) and I put all of the screenshots face down on the floor.  I split the class into two teams.  I described in Spanish one of the screenshots.  When I said go, a student from team A and a student from team B ran to the prints and looked for the screenshot that I described.  The first student with the correct one wins!  I added more input and briefly talked about the correct screenshot.  It is a great kinesthetic activity and a fun way to get more input.

Day 5:

We did this Screenshot Reading Assessment .  You could also use this Screenshot Collage  for a listening assessment.

10/23/18 Update:  From Courtney Gordon, Embedded Readings, slideshow, assessment for Spanish 2

10/14/18 Update:  Angie Dodd shared this Google Drive on Facebook with more resources for this MovieTalk.





  1. I absolutely love this! Thanks so much for sharing so generously. It has great high frequency verbs and structures that I can easy change to present tense for my Sp 1 classes. I have done an Alma movie talk unit for many years but this year I have a student that I’m not sure would do well with the storyline so I’ve been thinking about what else I can do. This would be perfect – even some of the same vocab (están caminando en la calle, weather vocab) structures. Again, thanks so much for the idea and resources.

  2. Sr. Williamson,
    This is spot on! You understand what it is all about. Comprehensible, Compelling, fun. It works! Why are we starting to see the worksheet from the textbook in any language class today, I don’t know. Keep up the superior work. Soon, I will repay the favor.

  3. Hello! I’ve never done a movie talk, nor have I seen one in action, but this year our district said that all teachers will have a classroom computer with a projector, as well as a set of Chromebooks for the classroom. I’m seriously most excited about being able to project my computer screen to the board….woohoo (obviously, we are a very low income district who has been living in ancient times). :-), Even though I’m a newbie to movie/picture talks, your lesson explanation and pacing was explained so well! Thank you so much for sharing! I’ll have to let you know how it goes! 🙂 Fingers crossed!

  4. Thanks for sharing. I’m looking forward to using it next Monday and Tuesday!
    You don’t happen to have a blog for different reading in class strategies. You mentioned paper airplane and volleyball. I’m been searching for strategies as I’m incorporating more of it in my class. Can you point me in the right direction please? Thanks!

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