My Spanish 2 Plans 2016

I enjoy reading about what other teachers do in their classes so I am also sharing what I plan on doing.  I also like to update my plans based on the previous year’s successes.  This is for my Spanish 2 class.  It is a full year class and we are on the block schedule.  sp2-plans This is for the first semester; I will post the semester 2 plans when the time comes.

Here is the semester 1 outline:

Quarter 1: (September-October)

We will start the year by doing the persona especial and by talking about what they did over the summer.   I give them this sheet.  We will do the one word image à la Ben Slavic.   I also like to start each year (and in every class) by reading a really easy novel.  We read it in groups and we just read it.  No activities, no writing, no assessments.  We might talk about the novel as a class but that’s it.  It is a great way to get back into the Spanish language after the summer.  In Spanish 2, we will read Agentes Secretos y el mural de Picasso.   or Isabela captura un congo (haven’t decided yet or I might give them the choice!)

I also spend a lot of time on doing Personal Interviews (La persona especial).  I start the year by giving each student the questions and they fill out the answers.  When they are interviewed, they have their answers in front of them.  I type up the responses with a photo and we read it the next class.  Kara Jacobs has a great question and slideshow template HERE.

We will listen and watch Billy y las botas/Billy y las botas 2  We will do the activities from Señor Wooly and from Carrie Toth.  We will also MovieTalk the video.

Towards the end of September and the beginning of October, we will begin my Day of the Dead unit.  We will read Tumba and MovieTalk la Danza de los Muertos.  We will also watch the film The Book of Life.

We do songs from my song packet, about one song every two weeks.  New this year, my goal is to go beyond the cloze activity.  Look for a blog post soon about this.

And beginning in late September, we start watching Mi Vida Loca on Fridays.

Quarter 2:(October-January)

The focus for quarter 2 is the novel Esperanza.  We talk about immigration and do several of the activities in the teacher’s guide.  Martina Bex has more activities HERE and Sharon Birch has more HERE.  We watch the films La Misma Luna, Which Way Home, and Una Mejor Vida.  I begin with this immigration similation hook

We continue listening to songs and MovieTalk any good new videos.  (Can’t wait to see if they make a new Loteria El Gordo video!)  A great MovieTalk that I like to do during this time is El cacto y el banco.  Carrie Toth has activities for it HERE.

When we get closer to Christmas time, we look at the tradition of Los Reyes Magos.

This is all done without a textbook.  Of course, I am always flexible and willing to add new things during the course of the year.  If I read about a new activity or learn of a new strategy at a conference, I’ll use it.

*This is just what I do in my Spanish 2 class.  There are certainly many other possibilities that could be done.



  1. Hola Dustin,
    What does the timing “look like” when you “just” read a novel at the beginning of the year? I certainly like the idea and am curious as to the timing–do you & the Ss read the novel straight through in a few/several days, do it daily in addition to your other plans? We read “Los Baker van a Perú” in the first trimester but I think reading a really easy novel at the beginning would be a good transition to level 2. The Ss will be coming to me from the HS Sp1 and MS Sp 1 (for HS credit) classes and typically there is a wide variety of abilities.
    Thanks, Becky

    • Becky,

      When we just read a novel, we read for 25-30min per class and get through about 2-3 chapters per class. So it usually takes us 2-3 weeks to finish it. In the past, I’ve only done this with my level 4 class but it worked so well that this year I’ll be doing it in my level 2 & 3 classes.

      • Hi Dustin!

        The elaboration above is helpful. How are you ‘just’ reading it (mine will be a class of 35 students)? As in what exactly are you and they doing during the reading? None of my Spanish 2 students will have been taught with TPRS before and I’m tied to Realidades this year.

        I will go all out in Spanish 1 with TPRS and novels this year, doing the myriad activities with novel and any other CI but I’m not sure what to do with Spanish 2! I wanted to read either Tumba or a different novel as “review”/ease in but I’m not sure it will be 100% comprehensible to them at the beginning of Spanish 2.


      • When we just read the novel at the beginning of the year, my class divides themselves into groups. They read it out loud in English in their small groups. Because the novel is so easy and interesting, I haven’t had any issues of students being off task. While they are reading, I walk around the room and go from group to group just to be sure that they are all reading. I also tell them we are reading the novel as a way to get back into the Spanish mode. If I need to, we will have a little competition: every time they are on task, the class gets a point. Every time they are not on task, I get a point. If I win, there is a quiz. If the class wins, they decide the prize (with some limitations!).
        There are several level 1 novels from TPRS Publishing and TPRS Books. Some are easier than Tumba like Brandon Brown and Isabela.

      • Thanks for your reply, Dustin. I finally came back to your page to follow up. I hadn’t checked the button for a reply notification. We had students back on the 24th. Take care and here’s to a wonderful new school year. Becky

  2. Hello Dustin,

    First thank you for sharing your materials. I used to teach el Internado but I think it is inappropriate for levels 3 and 4. I was able to see the end by myself and their was sexual content. A teacher and student being intimate. After that, I don’t have my students watch it. I liked the fact that they heard language and it was about teenagers that is why I used it. But now I don’t use it anymore. I haven’t find a series that I liked.

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