My Spanish 3 Plans 2016

Continuing the theme of sharing my class plans (here are my Spanish 2 plans), here is what I plan on doing for semester 1 in my Spanish 3 class.  I will share my semester 2 plans when the time comes.  Kristy Placido shared her Spanish 3 curriculum HERE.SP3plans

Quarter 1:

Since this class will be a combination of my students from last year and my colleague’s students, we will begin the year by doing the Persona Especial.  However, the interview questions will be a bit harder than in Spanish 2 class.  This will be a way to get to know each other and set the classroom procedures, especially for the students that I did not have last year.  We will also begin the year by reading a very easy novel to get them back into the Spanish mode.  We will read Fiesta Fatal by Mira Canion.  We will read in groups….no activities, no assessments.  Just reading.

I will begin to introduce El Internado by doing the structures for episode 1.  We will talk about the show, the characters, predictions, and potential problems.

MovieTalk:  I enjoy starting the year with MovieTalk as well.  We will do the Parecidos ad and activities posted in this blog.

We will listen to songs from the song packet and MovieTalk the good music videos.  I plan on doing the song Sofia by Alvaro Soler in detail (using an embedded reading version of it and focusing on the structures).

Quarter 2:

The focus for this quarter will be the novel Bianca Nieves y los 7 toritos.  It is part of my Bullfighting unit.  I introduce bullfighting with my photos by doing PhotoTalk.    We do many of the activities that are in the teacher’s guide.  We also do Reader’s Theater for many parts of the novel.  We also watch the black and white movie Biancanieves and talk about Ferdinando the bull.   It is a very exciting novel to read and we had a lot of fun with it last year.

By the end of November, we are ready to watch Episode 1 of El Internado.  This takes a few weeks to do as we go slowly.  We MovieTalk some scenes, read the graphic novels, and read the summaries.  Here are the episode 1 materials.  In December, we watch episode 2 and spend a lot of time to make it comprehensible.

In December we watch the anuncio de Loteria.  We MovieTalk it, read about it, and acquire the necessary vocabulary structures.  The Loteria 2015 video was fantastic and I’m hoping that the 2016 version will be just as good.

This is, of course, just what I do in  my class….there are definitely many other possibilities.





  1. Can you tell me your persona especial questions for Spanish 3 and Spanish 2. I’d like to compare with mine. THanks!!

  2. Thank you very much for sharing!! As a first year teacher being just introduced to TPRS and CI, this is so incredibly helpful!!!!!!!

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