The Culture of Mexico

A Mexico webquest activity, a Mexico music handout, and Mexico slideshow are included in this postMexico culture post

To continue our cultural adventure in my new Hispanic Culture class, we are now exploring Mexico: its foods, art, music, customs, films.  There is a lot to talk about Mexico and my class is most interested in its foods and music.  There is more than just sombreros and tacos.

Just like my Spain webquest activity, I made one about food, music piñatas, and sports in Mexico.  It was my sub plan when I was at the TCI Maine conference last week.  Since my new culture class is not about language, I had my students fill it out in English. Here is the Mexico food, music, piñatas, and sports webquest activity.

We also talked about music and famous musicians from Mexico.  I made a Mexico music handout with brief biographies and song lyrics from Jesse y Joy, Alejandra Guzmán and Paulina Rubio.  It also has info about Mariachi music and some classic songs from Mexico.  Here is the Mexico music handout.

I also created a slideshow with photos of Mexico that I took, videos of Mexican dancing, a taco video, a couple Mexico tourism videos, music videos that were shot in Mexico, information about Mexico cinema, some Mexican cuisine classics and a few random facts.  Here is the Mexico slideshow.



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