The Power of Play-doh in the WL Classroom

Here are some ways to use Play-Doh in a language classroom

  • Summer activity.  For the first day of school, I had my Spanish 2 students answer Plau-doh postthis question with play-doh: What did you do over the summer?  I gave them 10 minutes to make their creation and then I talked about some of the play-doh activities.  Since it was the first day of class, I kept the language very comprehensible and added simple personalized questions.  I had my class photographer take photos of each play-doh so that we could continue the conversation during the next class.  I also made a simple reading slideshow with the play-doh photos.  DJJuVAvXoAA1-QsDJJuVArXcAEfmCf






Weekend Chat Variation: You can have a class make what they did over the weekend with Play-doh and talk about the creations.

Added Bonus:  This was a great way to re-teach colors.  I pulled out each play-doh tub separately  and asked in the TL: “Who wants red/blue/yellow, etc?”

  • Chapter/Story Review:  For a different way to check for comprehension and for reviewing a text, a class can make their favorite scene out of Play-doh.  We did this in Spanish 4 with a personalized reading related to El Internado.  They choose their favorite scene and made it out of Play-doh.  They then talked about their creation and made a video with it and recorded it with Flipgrid. (it was my first experience with Flipgrid and I want to use it more!)

IMG_3132   IMG_3135

Using Play-Doh in class has been a great novel activity and the students all enjoy it!



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