Scratch off Spanish tickets

I saw this post about awarding scratch off lottery tickets and this post about making them and instantly liked it.  So I got the materials and today made a whole bunch.  CameraAwesomePhoto

I am very excited to use them.  I will award them for participation, not speaking English, to actors, etc.  They are going to be great for classroom management.   Here are the prizes that I have on them: 1 dulce, 2 dulces, +2 on a quiz, +5 on a quiz, permission to sit in comfy chair, free pass for any graded assignment (only 1 of these).  Here is my document with them.




  1. Hi Dustin
    They look GREAT!!! I’ll be making more (for the students this time) in the very near future. I hope you don’t mind that I tweeted about this blog post. 🙂

  2. This is an awesome idea! (Although I will probably just buy the stickers on Amazon.) How often do you use these as rewards? How many per class period, etc? Thanks in advance!

    • Buying them on Amazon will be much easier and quicker!! I use them as much as possible when I have them made and prepared (which is not the entire year). I usually give out anywhere from 2-5 per class period. The students love receiving them!

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