No desks

During the summer at the iFLT conference and from reading blogs, I had an A-ha moment: get rid of my desks.  So I decided a couple weeks ago to do just that: get rid of my desks.  I have just chairs in my classroom (I kept 4 desks) and with the first few weeks of school done, I am glad that I made the switch.  photo (1)

I was a little nervous with how my students would react but it has been quite positive.  I am glad that I kept 4 desks for the students who like having desks.  95% of my students really like it.  The remaining 5% are content in the 4 desks that I still have.

I am having much better participation, more interaction, more conversations, and a better classroom atmosphere with no desks.  My classroom finally matches my goals for the class and it matches my teaching style/method.




  1. Have you continued this throughout the year or did you give up on it? If you continued do you have any management tips? I would like to give “no desks” a trial in my elementary classroom so I am combing the internet for articles, research and experience. Thanks for any help you can offer.

  2. Yes, I still have the same set up. It has been quite successful for my upper levels but my Spanish 2 classes had a hard time getting used to it. I need to remind them why I have no desks and the benefits of it in a language classroom. I need to remind my Spanish 2s to face forward (they tend to move their chair to face a friend). However, I really have had no big issues or major problems. There is better interaction and I have more room in my classroom. Check out this blog post from another language teacher who has no desks:

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