My Scope and Sequence Syllabi

Here is my scope and sequence/Syllabi for my Spanish 2, Spanish 3, and Spanish 4 classes

I left the textbook behind more than ten years ago when I switched to more of a proficiency based and comprehensible input based curriculum.  It took me a few years to feel comfortable and to develop a scope and sequence/syllabus that was both enriching and compelling.  Everyone of my units is based on literacy but I am also able to incorporate culture and compelling input thanks to many of my colleagues.  Now my students are more excited and motivated and I get to share their excitement everyday.

Here are my scope and sequence/syllabus documents and links to the materials that I use for the classes that I teach.  I hope you find them useful whether you are an experienced CI teacher or someone who is just starting.

Scope and Sequence Spanish 2

Scope and Sequence Spanish 3

Scope and Sequence Spanish 4



    • Good question about assessment! I don’t think I have a post about assessments. I assess comprehension and celebrate production. Assessments shouldn’t be about memorizing words and spitting them out; they should be more about demonstrating proficiency and comprehension.

      • Sure. I’d be interested to see what that looks like then. How do you hold students accountable for learning, how do they demonstrate their learning, and how do they know what your expectations are? Or if your philosophy is vastly different, please write a post some time!

  1. Do you have the Scope and Sequence for Spanish 1? Thank you! I just found you and Martina and I am ready for this fall. You guys ROCK!

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