Songs, songs, and more songs!

The past month, in Spanish 3 and 4 we have been listening to a lot of music.  I have  a lot of music activities to share, so here we go!

In Spanish 3, we are reading La Llorona de Mazatlán, which has a great soccer theme (among others).  With the World Cup happening this summer in Brasil, it is great timing with some awesome world cup soccer music.

La La La (Ahora)–Shakira

La La La (Ahora) por Shakira cloze activity

From Zachary Jones:

Olé Brasil–Elvis Crespo

Spanish 4:  My Spanish 4 seniors wanted to listen to a lot of music in their final few weeks of school (and watch Internado).  Here are some songs:

Humanos a marte–Chayanne

Chayanne Humanos a marte cloze activity

Te voy a esperar–Juan Magan

Te voy a esperar activity

Bailando–Enrique Iglesias

Bailando-Enrique Iglesias cloze activity

Yo te esperaré–Cali y el Dandee

Yo te esperaré cloze activity





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