Internado Muffin Hunt

Just sharing a fun little Amazing Race style activity and thanks to Cynthia Hitz for the idea.  It is an Internado muffin hunt.  I hide muffins (or any food….cookies, cake, etc.) somewhere in the school and the students have to find them using clues.

When the students enter my classroom, there is this written on the board:

“Hay muffins enscondidos en la escuela.  Usando las pistas, encuentra los muffins y ¡a comer!”

“There are muffins hidden in the school.  Using the clues, find the muffins and eat!”


Taped on the board right below it is their first clue:  “Donde están los regalos del Ratoncito Pérez” (where the Toothfairy gifts are).

Clue #2 is located in my closet: “Si Camilo enseñó a Leavitt, enseñaría en esta sala de clases.  La pista está en la puerta.” (If Camilo taught at Leavitt, he would teach in this classroom.  The clue is on the door)  I taped the clue on the door of our Latin teacher.


On our Latin teacher’s door is clue #3: “Donde comen los alumnos del Internado.  La pista está donde Maria escribe.” (where the students at Internado eat.  The clue is where Maria writes)  I put this clue in on the bulletin board of the cafeteria.


On the bulletin board of the cafeteria is Clue #4.  It says “En la escuela, Héctor es el director.  El habla con los alumnos en el d _ _ _ _ _ _ _”  (In the school, Hector is the director.  He talks with the students in the ____”  IMG_1625


Clue #5 is located near the principal’s door.  It says: “El “novio” de Amelia es un profesor activo.  Los alumnos juegan deportes en su clase y hacen ejercicio.  La pista está en la puerta” (Amelia’s boyfriend is an active teacher.  The students play sports in his class and exercise.  The clue is on the door)

The next clue, clue #6 is on the door of our gymnasium.  It says: “Alfonso está muerto pero durante un episodio, Alfonso buscaba un mapa y empujó a Elsa.  La pista está en este lugar.” (Alfonso is dead but during one episode he was looking for a map and pushed Elsa.  The clue is in this pace)

This leads the to the library.  In the library is clue # 7:  Los muffins están muy cerca.  Jacinta iba a ir a la casa de su hija gracias a Héctor que le dio billetes de avión.  Pero Jacinta no fue.  Justo a tiempo, Héctor y María encontraron a Jacinta que esperaba su transportación.  Busca a Señor Williamson que espera a la clase con los muffins en este lugar.” (The muffins are very close.  Jacinta was going to go to her daughter’s house thanks to Hector who gave her plane tickets.  But Jacinta did not go.  Just in time, Hector and Maria find Jacinta who was waiting for her transportation. Look for Señor Williamson who is waiting for the class with the muffins in this place)  I was waiting for them where the school buses pick up and drop off students.


This was a very fun activity.  I gave them 3 rules: 1) They must find the clues in order. 2) They must take a selfie with each clue that includes at least a few students.  3) They must take each clue with them.

I should have written on one of the last clues for them to tweet me the selfie so I knew where they were in the hunt.  As soon as we were done, they immediately wanted to do it again and said that it was a lot of fun.

Taking a “selfie” with the clue.

This activity can be done with any novel, any unit, or any film being studied.

Here is the PDF of the activity.




    • Good question…..there has to be a way to do this with a large group. Maybe have two sets of clues that lead to different areas of the school at different times. But the two sets would lead to the same spot in the end. You can put the class into two groups. I’ll keep brainstorming!

  1. This is a great idea! Did you actually had the food hidden? If os, how did you make sure other students didn’t eat it?

  2. I love this idea! Let’s make one this summer for a novel! Are you in?! If not, I will make one and send for your guidance?! 🙂 Thanks for sharing!!!

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