El Internado Final Exam

My final exam for Spanish 4 this year is entirely about El Internado.  We just finished season 4 so the exam focuses on season 4 and the season 4 finale.  The first part of the exam is about the season 4 finale which we watched over two days.  The second part has screen shots from season 4 to show writing proficiency and reading comprehension.  The last part is identifying the characters.

Here is the .doc version of the exam.

Here is the pdf version of the exam.

The final exam for Spanish 3 this year also includes a writing part about season 1 of Internado.  SPANISH 3 FINAL EXAM WRITING



  1. Last year I assigned an Internado themed essay as our final exam. They had to write in class, but I gave them the prompt the day before so that they could think about it. Students LOVED writing this essay! Here it is:

    Great news! I just got a new teaching job at a little school in Spain!! I’m sorry that I’ll be leaving you all, but I am excited to join the staff of this elite boarding school called Laguna Negra. Have you ever heard of it?

    Your task is to write me a letter in Spanish giving advice that you think might help me. You letter must:
     Be five paragraphs (including short introductory and concluding paragraphs )
     Each of the three paragraphs of the body should have a clear topic sentence
     Each body paragraph must focus on and develop only ONE piece of advice
     You must express your concern for my safety, citing specifically what might pose a danger in each case.

  2. As I just wrote on mpeto’s site, I’ve been using El Internado for years, but mostly for upper levels. This year I’m bringing it down to 3 & 4, but you two have inspired me to share with my colleagues teaching lower levels. Let me know how I can help, or my advanced students can. And do you know how I could get Season 5? I lent out mine and can’t remember who I lent it to? Thanks,

  3. It is so good! I might even do the first episode or 2 in Spanish 2 later in the spring. We’ll see if they will be ready. If you have any materials/activities that you have done with your classes, I would love to see them. Or perhaps we could some type of an online correspondance between our classes about El Internado.
    You could check for season 5 on amazon.es or on Ebay or even El Corte Inglés. I have heard that it is getting harder to find though.

  4. This comment is quite a few years late… but how do you handle the part with Amelia and Marcos? I would love to teach beyond season two – but it’s just quite a questionable topic for school. Thoughts?

    • Good question and a common one! I don’t talk about it at all, I don’t mention it at all, I never bring it up. I have not had any issues with it. I have had students that say gross, or that’s awful and they hate Marcos for it.

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