Freeze Frame Reading

While observing Mark Mallaney at the iFLT conference, he did some fantastic reading activities that I can’t wait to try, especially after reading a chapter in a novel.  Here they are:

Activity 1:

To review a text, chapter.

Step 1: Write summary sentences from the text/chapter.  They can be key sentences taken right from the text/chapter or  summaries of the important events in the text/chapter written in your own words.  At least 10 is needed.   Post the sentences on the board by using a document camera or projected from your computer.

Step 2: Divide the class into groups of 2-3.  Give each group a different characteristic like color, animal, shape, number, country, etc.

Step 3: The teacher reads a sentence in the TL then yells a group name.  That group runs to the front of the class and acts out the sentence.  They freeze the action that captures the sentence.

Step 4: The class celebrates the group by clapping and they sit down.  The teacher continues and reads another sentence.

Extension activity:  take a picture of the frozen action and use the pictures as a review (for more input) at the beginning of the next class.  You could also show this pictures to other classes.

Activity 2:

Step 1: Same as above except do not post the sentences on the board.  Rather cut the sentences into strips.

Step 2: Give each student the entire original text/chapter.

Step 3: The teacher gives a random sentence to a group.  The group reads the sentence and acts it out in front of the class.

Step 4: The rest of the class finds the sentence in the text/chapter that the group is acting out.  When a student finds the sentence, they raise their hand.  The teacher calls on the student to read the sentence in the TL.  If the student is correct, the entire class celebrates.  If the student is not correct, the teacher praises him/her and calls on somebody else.

Step 5: The teacher takes a picture of the frozen action and can show the pictures at the beginning of the next class for a review.

*Give harder sentences to the quick processors and easier sentences to the barometer students.


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