No English!

At the iFLT conference in July, Jason Fritze had a great strategy to eliminate  English in class.  Each time a student uses English without permission, their name goes on the board.  Tell them that you have un minuto.  If they speak English again, then they have 2 minutes.  Keep adding a minute for every time they speak English.  That student needs to stay after class (or after school or during lunch) and speak Spanish to the teacher for the number of minutes that they accumulated.  It is important to do it all with love and be playful.  Do not draw a lot of attention to that student unless they are blurting and blurting.  My class is divided into countries and often I will say “Uh oh, España habla inglés.  México habla español, muy bien México”  Then I will turn and look at the student who spoke English and either put their name on the board or softly tell them that they have one minute.

Chatting in English ruins the comprehensible input and it takes the focus away.

How do you eliminate English from your classroom?


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