Word Walls

I have been thinking about my walls in my classroom.  I always like to update them and/or change them; adding new thingsIMG_1547 is always good.  My space is limited and with a new fire code, I have to choose wisely what to put on my walls.  I have a few posters including a couple home made procedures/rules posters.  But out of everything that is on my walls,  it is my word walls that my students use the most.  Click here to download the high frequency Spanish word wall.

IMG_1545  IMG_1546

This year, I am going to have a feelings/emotions word wall.  Every class I ask them how are you and instead of getting just the basic answers (good, tired, so-so), every month I am going to have a new set of emotions/feelings.


como te sientes


These two posters will be on the top.


This is the first set of emotions/feelings for the first month.


Here is one of my rules posters.

My other word walls will be generated by the most commonly asked words by my students.

What do you have on your walls that you use the most?



  1. Good idea to include cree in the basic verbs… I use it so often! Do you have “está” posted elsewhere, or did you leave it out to discourage grammar questions about the difference between ser and estar?

    With the past tenses I am considering separating imperfect and preterit, keeping them on separate sides of the room so that when I want to say “gave” I point at “dio” and when I want to say “used to give” I point in the other direction at “daba”. I am wondering if having them together makes students too aware of the idea of grammar, rather than just learning them as meaningful expressions.

  2. I do have está posted elsewhere with a small “location, feelings” in parenthesis below it.
    You have a good point of separating the preterit and imperfect. And a great idea with the pointing. The way I have it now, my students get confused and think that iba and fue both mean went, for example. I’m going to add the imperfect translation and hopefully that will help. The more we can get them away from grammar thinking, the better.

  3. Hello Dustin,

    I really like your feelings/emotions posters. I would like to make some for my classroom too. I was wondering where you found the faces to accompany the words. They are fabulous.


  4. Hello Dustin,

    I would like to know if I could possibly use the images “¿Cómo estás? and ¿Cómo te sientes? you made in one of the lessons I’m doing. The images will refer back to your site if it’s ok with you.


  5. I have Bryce’s SUPER 7/SWEET 16 high-frequency list on my wall; it has become the centerpiece of my 7/8 curriculum this year. great list!!

  6. Dustin,

    I really like that you have put preterit and imperfect verbs next to each other in the clouds. Every time we point and pause as we use the verb students are figuring out the differences in meaning. It is as if they get a 2 for 1 on the grammar feature rep.

    Consider your clouds stolen 🙂 Thanks so much!

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