Top 5 Activities

I asked all my classes what their favorite activity is so far that we have done in class.  Here are the top 5 answers:

#5 :

Kahoot!  CLICK HERE to see my post about Kahoot.  Here are two student comments: “it was fun and it was a whole class activity.”  “It was emocionado!”


Brain Break Balloons!  CLICK HERE to see the post from Cynthia Hitz.  Here is a compiled list of brain breaks from several sources


Volleyball:  Put the class into two teams.  They play using a beach volleyball from one side of the room to the other.  No spiking, no standing.  The team that wins the rally gets a question (about vocabulary or reading questions).  If the team answers correctly, they get a point.

Student comments: “It is fun and competitive.”  ” It’s a fun way to test what we know.”


Music  CLICK HERE to see my song packets for each level.

Student comments: “it keeps class exciting and energetic.”  “it helps me learn the words easily.”


Acting out stories.   Some comments: “It helps me learn the words quickly” ;


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