“La caja de música”–El Internado Episode 10

El_internado_logoHere are some resources for Episode 10 “La caja de música” for season 2 of El Internado.

Reading Activities to be done during viewing of the episode:

I made these readings of key scenes to be done while watching the episode.  We often read these together in class. Students need to fill in the blanks and answer the questions.   I find that these readings really help in comprehending the episode.

Reading 1  (from 0:00 – 20:00 )

Reading 2 (from 20:00 – 47:00)

After a few scenes, I pause the episode and talk about what happened.  Then we fill in the missing info in the readings.  I save the drawing part for the next class; it is a way of re-reading.  Plus my class is always happy and excited to read about El Internado!



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