New resources for El Internado

For Mike Peto’s El Internado resources, go here:

My generation of polyglots

KahootOver the last month I have added quite a few new resources to use when teaching with El Internado. You can always see all of the resources by clicking on the link to the left.

First of all, with their permission I have added links to activities created by other teachers. Both Dustin Williamson and Bryan Kandel are blogging about their experiences with El Internado and are posting interesting readings and review activities. Other teachers such as Bethanie Carlson Drew at Aventuras Nuevas have mentioned on their blogs that they are using El Internado in class. If you have anything that you would like to share but do not want to curate a blog yourself then please contact me… I would be happy to add links on this blog.

The second major addition this year is a set of Kahoot! games that I am slowly creating and linking to my blog. If you…

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