TCIMaine Conference Wrap-Up

4122606_origWhat a fantastic conference!  The TCIMaine Conference was October 16-17 in Lewiston, ME.  CLICK HERE for the conference details.  You don’t want to miss it next year!

Here are the highlights:

Day 1:

Backward Planning/Understanding by Design:

Culture and language are inseparable: in order for students to value one they must study both.  Music, film, art, readings, MovieTalk are ways to bring in culture.  

To plan backwards, start with your goals: Choose a worthwhile cultural lesson  and develop a unit, plan an assessment.  What activities are needed to prepare for the assessment.  Identify the desired results and plan a variety of activities and lessons to reach the outcome.  Begin the unit with a hook!  Carrie Toth has more on her website.

Embedded Reading–Part Deux:

If what you are doing in class is not interactive, they will not acquire the language.  Some interactive based activities are: oral stories (c0-created stories, legends/myths), conversations about current events, authentic resources, and teacher created and student created materials.  Laurie Clarcq has more on her website.

The afternoon was spent creating an embedded reading.  I created one about a parrot.  See it HERE

Day 2–October 17th:

We learned about being a peer TPRS/CI coach.  Coaching is observing, listening, answering questions, giving feedback, asking questions, directing reflection, finding strengths, and encouraging and supporting.  It was my first time being a peer coach and certainly not my last.  It was powerful being a coach and watchtciing people being coached.

Appily Ever After:  Carrie Toth presented many APPs for the language classroom.  See her website for the list.


The conference finished with a demonstration of MovieTalk.  Sabrina Janczak used this video and did a MovieTalk in French.

The structures were:

cherche = looks for

lui donne = gives him/her

saute à la corde = jumps rope

s’en fiche = doesn’t care 

It was a fantastic conference.  Hope you can join us for the 10th anniversary conference next October 2015!



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