Updated Spanish 2 Song Packet

Here is my updated song packet for Spanish 2 for the 2015-2016 school year.  Click here to see the Spanish 2 song packet from last year.IMG_0030

This packet includes activities for the following songs:

  • Waka Waka–Shakira
  • Héroe–Enrique Iglesias
  • Corre–Jesse y Joy
  • Darte un beso–Prince Royce
  • Wavin’ Flag–David Bisbal
  • Mi Verdad–Maná y Shakira
  • La Bamba–Los Lobos
  • Mientes–Camila
  • Vivir mi Vida–Marc Anthony
  • Te Mueves Tú–David Bisbal
  • Cascabeles/Navidad Navidad
  • Te Veo–Lasso
  • Perdón, perdón–Ha-ash

Spanish 2 Song Packet



  1. I chose La Bamba to start my school year in Spanish 1. They loved it and I recorded my 4 Spanish classes singing it and gave a candy prize to the best rendition. A few days later, at the Social/Dance, a student saw me and asked me to reques the DJ to play La Bamba. The highschoolers had a blast dancing to it and I could hear a lot of singing! One of my 10th graders pulled me onto the dance floor (I am a grandmother) to dance. So much fun.

  2. This is great.

    I’m trying to figure out which songs to use this year (in Spanish 1 and 2 because this will be my first year going TPRS/CI) but I don’t really want to backwards plan the year through songs. I’d rather anchor myself to novels and then try to find songs that work with the structures in the novels. One issue is that I’m short on time – school starts Monday!

    Could you give me some insight on how you chose these songs or how do they dovetail with your Spanish 2 curriculum?

    Thanks a million and I hope to give back to the CI & TPRS community once I have my sea legs!

    • I don’t try to connect a song to a novel. Usually music in my class is its own thing. It would take me too much time to find a song that has the same structures as in the novel. I focus on the novels and music is a supplement. Music adds pop culture and high frequency structures (sometimes it does happen when the songs match the structures from the novel). The songs add novelty, listening practice, and language acquisition to my curriculum. Music is another way to help build fluency.

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