Simon’s Cat–Santa Claws MovieTalk

Here are resources for doing a MovieTalk with the Simon’s Cat video called “Savlcsnap-2014-12-07-08h53m18s49nta Claws.”  A good one to do with Christmas coming soon!

Structures that I choose:  empezó a jugar= s/he began to play

asustó a=s/he scared…

quería que fuera=s/he wanted him/her to go

Santa Claws-Simon’s Cat reading  |  Santa Claws Screen Shots Powerpoint

Textivate Activities:  Who Wants to be a Millionaire Game  |  Sequence Game  |  Snake Game  |  Fill In Gaps  (12/1/16 Update: Textivate activities are no longer available.  I will try to update them soon)

Fill In Blanks Activity Sheet  |  Sequence Sheet

French Resources from Beth Lemoine



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