Simon’s Cat–Santa Claws MovieTalk

Here are resources for doing a MovieTalk with the Simon’s Cat video called “Savlcsnap-2014-12-07-08h53m18s49nta Claws.”  A good one to do with Christmas coming soon!

Structures that I choose:  empezó a jugar= s/he began to play

asustó a=s/he scared…

quería que fuera=s/he wanted him/her to go

Santa Claws-Simon’s Cat reading  |  Santa Claws Screen Shots Powerpoint

Textivate Activities:  Who Wants to be a Millionaire Game  |  Sequence Game  |  Snake Game  |  Fill In Gaps  (12/1/16 Update: Textivate activities are no longer available.  I will try to update them soon)

Fill In Blanks Activity Sheet  |  Sequence Sheet

French Resources from Beth Lemoine



  1. […] But at ACTFL 2018, I saw a few different presentations that had a variation of the MovieTalk structure. In this different variation, the teacher started by showing still pictures from the video and describing everything that was happening in each picture. Then, they would show the movie after they had gone through the whole thing. The first one I tried doing this way is a Christmas MovieTalk activity from Dustin Williamson using a video from Simon’s Cat (a series of animated videos about a man and his cat). […]

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