2019 Navidad Commercial Madness!

This post contains info and the link to purchase the 2019 Navidad Commercial Madness.

Here it is! The 2019 edition of the Navidad Commercial Madness! This edition contains 16 commercials with activities to make each commercial comprehensible such as readings, image sequence, writing activity, Wordle race, graphic novels (comic strips), transcripts, matching, and more. It has links to Kahoot games, Gimkit, Quizlet Diagram, Edpuzzle, TeachVid activities, screenshot slideshows, and a few links to dig further.

You can follow along the Bracket Madness on Twitter.  Share your results using the hashtag #NavidadMadness .  I can’t wait to see how these commercials do in your classes; there will be some tough battles.

Here is the link to purchase the full bracket and all of the supplemental activities.

New this year, I am offering a shorter version of the 2019 Navidad Commercial Madness bracket. It has half the commercials (8 commercials) and their accompanying activities, readings, games, etc. This 1/2 version might be good for those who want to spend more time on each commercial or for those who do not have enough time to do all 16 commercials. Here is the link to purchase the half version.

A sample of a graphic novel-comic strip reading for one of the commercials.


  1. Are you planning to do Noel Madness or do you know of anyone who is? I loved doing this last year with my kids!

  2. Gracias… aprecio que no hayas cobrado mucho. Yo estoy segura que te cuesta mucho tiempo y esfuerzo crear estas actividades.

  3. Gracias! My students love Navidad Madness and look forward to December. I bought the activities on TPT. Can we get a pdf of the brackets? My students like having a copy to fill in as we go and each class votes differently.

  4. I’m happy to pay for it this year! Thank you so much, I can’t imagine how much work goes into making this awesome resource!

    • I just want to say thanks for this resource. I don’t mind at all paying for this. It’s fun for the students!

  5. Is there any chance you would make, and sell JUST the bracket of the commercials with the links My curriculum doesn’t allow time to do all of the activities and last year we just watched the commercial and voted. The kids liked seeing the messages and trying to understand the messages. I would happily purchase that on TPT because finding the links etc. is a lot of work! Thanks for organizing this again. Between this and the music march madness my kids love them and this gives something fun and cultural for the last month of the semester that is always so hectic and busy.

  6. I just purchased this activity. Thank you for all of your hard work finding these commercials and putting everything together.

    One quick question – and I should remember from last year – how many days do I need to do the full bracket of 16 commercials?

  7. With the Wordle race, are the words supposed to be repeated? And are “aqu” and “conoc” supposed to be parts of bigger words or was this done intentionally?

    Love the idea, I’ve just never done it before and am anticipating the questions I will get!

    • It looks like my Wordles program didn’t like some accents. “aqu” should be aquí and “conoc” should be conocí. With a wordle race, whoever hears the word first, marks it. If it the word is repeated, then they can either highlight it again or listen for the next word. The game is very flexible and can be played multiple ways.

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