New Class Info Syllabus

I like to update my class info syllabus sheet every summer.  I especially think it is important toSP4 Info 2015-16 give an updated sheet to the students that I will have again.   It lets them know that they are in a new class, in a new level, and that we will be doing different things than the previous year.  I also wanted to put only the necessary info and to keep it to one page.  I made these on the website Canva.  I made last year’s class info sheets on Piktochart.  See them HERE.

Spanish 2 Class Info Syllabus

Spanish 3 Class Info Syllabus

Spanish 4 Info Syllabus




  1. Hi Dustin, fun to see your new syllabi! Bien hecho! We need to have the same basic info /format across the whole HS and then add any specifics. Is your syllabus just the “cover” (or top sheet) with the more (dare I say…boring) stuff detailed? I’m thinking that I would do something similar to the one you made and put it as the cover sheet and in smaller font say “see p. 2 for details”. Does Canva print in b/w? I’d have to pay for the color printing.
    Also, I see that there is a difference in tech rules re: cell phones. We are a BYOD school and many students think that is short for BYODAUIATIC (BYOD And Use It Any Time In Class). 🙂 We have a detailed Tech Policy (attached to the syllabus) and I might write No cell phones on the graphic and (see p. X). Thanks for the inspiration.

    • Hi Becky, That is all that I am going to give them. I’ve given my students a several page detailed syllabus but they either don’t read it or don’t keep it. The other info that is not on my sheet, I will talk about it as it comes up. It is more powerful to model the expectations and to show what we will be doing. When you print from Canva, you can change your printer to black and white.
      For cell phones, they can only use them with my permission or if we are doing an activity and they need an internet device. Bus basically, most of the time, they are not allowed.

      • Where do the phones go? The metal baskets under the desk in my room are small and aren’t really safe, most phones are big and don’t fit in their pockets anymore (esp when seated). Upside down doesn’t work for some as it is too easy to flip over. I have a bin with dividers where they put them for tests & exams. This year I might have to have the phones in there all the time.
        Can’t wait to use Canva! Thanks!

      • They either keep their phones in their bags or pockets, unless they abuse the cell phone policy which would mean that I would take the phone. I have heard of teachers having a “cell phone jail” or a “cell phone hotel” where each student has a number and their phone goes in the “hotel/jail” which is a hanging pocket divider. Cell phones are unfortunately becoming a bigger and bigger distraction each year.

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