Teaching Episode 2 of El Internado

To see the lesson plans for Episode 1, CLICK HERE.

Episode 2 Lesson Plan

Here is a step by step lesson plan for teaching Episode 2 of El Internado.  It is always important to go slow and to pause the show frequently while watching it.

  1. Day 1: Pre-teach the vocabulary.  The structures are echo de menos, te traigo, tienen suerte, lo echaron.  This is done through PQA, gestures, and story asking.  Here are some other structures that can be taught.
  2. I showed them a slideshow that I made using the structure echo de menos.  I inclused photos that I took when I was in Costa Rica and talked about what I miss.  Here is the slideshow.  (large file!)
  3. To further practice the other structures and to review episode 1, I used Mike Peto’s slideshows that can be found HERE.
  4. I also taught them the structure deja ((no) me dejan) and used the advice reading found HERE.
  5. Without further delay, they were ready (and anxious) to watch episode 2.  While watching it we completed this reading from Kara Jacobs and Bethanie Drew.  Here is another episode 2 study guide and assessment that can be used.
  6. Before watching some scenes, we read the graphic novels and talked about the scenes.  Here are the graphic novels for episode 2.
  7. After the episode, we completed this comprehension activity and this reading summary of episodes 1 and 2.  This was done as an assessment.
  8. Kahoot games: Search on getkahoot.com for games for episode 2 of Internado as well that other teachers have made.  Here is one.

It took about 2-3 weeks to get through episode 2.


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