The Present-MovieTalk

What a great video!  I love making MovieTalk activities so here come some more!  Here are some MovieTalk activities for the video “The Present.”

Spanish Past Tense Reading

Reading & Writing Activity

EdPuzzle Video Quiz

Added 12/09/19: Novice level Slideshow

Added 3/22/16Slideshow  |  Reading Activity  |  Reading Activity Form  |  Listening Assessment

French Resources from Catherine Ousselin:  Screenshots  |  COMIC STRIP-VOCAB-PAST TENSE VERBS

Added 3/3/16: Spanish Embedded Readings from Deb Soifer: VERSION 1  |  VERSION 2

Added 11/10/17: More French resources from Elisabeth Hayles! French Reading Activity  |  French Reading Slideshow  |  Edpuzzle Video

Do you have any activities for this video?  Let me know!



  1. This video looks great for movietalk! I did Simon’s Cat:Catnip with my 7/8 class before Christmas break; this will be a perfect follow-up, recycling some of the same vocab – If I do it, it will be in present tense, and I will do some embedded readings – I’ll send along activities to you if I do. thanks for the idea!!

  2. I LOVE these resources! I used this video last school year with my Spanish 2s, but I didn’t have too many follow up activities to reinforce the vocab. This year, I’m going to use it when we get back from Christmas break. I’ve been doing Movie Talks to reinforce daily routines (Mr. Bean is AWESOME) for that! I think it will be a great way to keep the flow going. Thanks for the great ideas! Keep them coming!!!!

  3. I used your Spanish movie talk and translated it into a simple French for my French 1 kids and created a couple of activities with it. I’d be happy to share! Email me at elisabeth.hayles at and I’ll send it over!

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