Todo lo que Brilla-Chapters 2 & 3

To see the chapter 1 activities, CLICK HERE

The chapter activities/teacher’s guide are a must to buy: CLICK HERE to purchase them and the novel.

Here is what I did for Chapter 2 of Todo lo que Brilla:brilla post pic (1)

  • Introduce the vocabulary.  I focused on estaba volando, me agarró, canastas, dejó caer.
  • We acted out a story using these words. Here is the story script. It is super basic!
  • We then read chapter 2.  Reader’s Theater is great for this chapter especially the section where Jose walks, slips, and talks to Emilia in the market, pages 9-10.  The only prop necessary is a banana peel: a fake one or one printed on a piece of paper will do just fine.
  • We then completed the questions in the teacher’s guide.
  • We finished by playing a game of Kahoot.

Here is what I did for chapter 3:

  • Introduce the vocabulary.  My class knew most of this chapter’s key structures so we did the matching quiz in the teacher’s guide.
  • We then completed these personalized questions and picto-frases as an introduction to chapter 3.
  • We read chapter 3.  My class prefers when I read to them so I read it out loud in Spanish and asked some comprehension questions.
  • We then completed the comprehension questions that are found in the teacher’s guide.


  1. Thanks for sharing your resources for this novel! Do you by chance have posts on the rest of the novel? Just curious, thanks!

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