Felipe Alou-Baseball-Dominican Republic Unit

I blogged a couple years ago about what I do for the first few chapters of the novel Felipe Alou: Desde los valles a las montañas.  I recently put together a unit that focuses on the novel, baseball, and the FelipeAlou unit picDominican Republic.  It includes all of my supplemental activities for the novel, possible film studies, baseball tv commercials, Kahoot games, links to other activities, and the essential questions/goals.

Here is the Unit:

(click on the unit link  for the Google Doc)

Novel from TPRS Publishing: Felipe Alou: Desde los valles a las montañas

Preguntas Esenciales: (Student Sheet)

  1. ¿Dónde está la República Dominicana?
  2. ¿Quién es Trujillo?
  3. ¿Cuáles aspectos de la cultura dominicana son importantes?
  4. ¿Cómo puedes ser un beisbolista famoso de la RD?
  5. ¿Cuáles obstáculos tenía Felipe Alou?

Preguntas Personales:

  1. ¿Estarías feliz vivir en la pobreza?
  2. ¿Puedes sobrevivir en la pobreza?
  3. ¿Qué tienes que no tienen las personas que viven en la pobreza?
  4. ¿Cuál es tu deporte favorito?

Unit Hook:  Make cardboard baseball gloves Mis Clases Locas Blog Post Carboard Glove Reading

Intro:   Do reading about Dominican Republic (Martina Bex Reading), show photos (My Photo Album of Punta Cana  |  My Photo Album of Cabarete) also show photos from Teacher’s Guide

Baseball Commercials:  

Commercial Activities from Kristy Placido  |  Jonronero ESPN – Chapter 9

Film Study:

In the Time of the Butterflies:  Study Guide  |  Supplemental Activities from Aventuras Nuevas

42: Reading Summary

Road to the Big Leagues


Novel Study: Felipe Alou: Desde los valles a las montañas  |  Teacher’s Guide (a must buy!!)

Supplemental Activities for each chapter.  These activities are to be done with the Teacher’s Guide.

Chapter 1:

Vocabulary-Target Structures

Preguntas Personales

Vocab Quiz

Chapter 2:  Activities from Teacher’s Guide

Vocab-Personal Questions

Kahoot game for Chapters 1 & 2

Chapter 3:

Vocabulary-Target Structures

Vocab-Preguntas Personales


Chapter 4:

Vocab-Preguntas Personales

Story Script

Chapter 5:

Vocabulary-Target Structures

Vocab-Preguntas Personales

Vocab Quiz

Chapter 6:

Reading Chart

Vocab Pictures

Chapter 7:

Vocab-Preguntas Personales  |   Class Story Chart

Kahoot game for Chapters 6 & 7

Chapter 8:

Vocab-Preguntas Personales


Chapter 9:

Reading Sound Effects

Now What During Reading

Chapter 10 & 11:

Vocab-Preguntas Personales


Activities created by Dustin Williamson, © www.williamsonci.com  and posted with written permission from TPRS Publishing.  Felipe Alou novel © TPRS Publishing, 2012




  1. Hi Dustin,
    Thanks for these resources. Can you tell me approximately how much time you spent on the whole novel?

  2. Yes, I have done just a basic reading summary with comprehension questions (there is a diary entry from Felipe in the Teacher’s Guide that I use) and I do a simple vocabulary structures translation. There is an interpersonal speaking assessment that can be done as well with questions from both Felipe Alou and the film 42 like: Who is Felipe? How is Jackie’s life similar to Felipe’s? How did segregation/discrimination affect both Felipe and Jackie?

  3. Hola! Looking for a couple good videos to explain the typical food/drink and to explain the music in the DR. Do you have good ones you use?

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