Reader’s Theater in my class

My guest blog post on about Reader’s Theater with tips, photos, a video, and file_003plans for Bianca Nieves y los 7 toritos.

There are many different comprehensible input activities that can be done while reading a TPRS Publishing novel. My all-time favorite is Reader’s Theater. Nothing gets my students more excited and more engaged than acting out a scene. I find Reader’s Theater is also a great way to camouflage reading and to become the book. (Read You Gotta BE the Book by Jeffrey D. Wilhelm.)

Here are some tips for a successful Reader’s Theater that I have learned from experience and from various conferences such as iFLT.



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  1. […] Reader’s Theater.    This is a major bullfighting scene.  I had some intense background music playing during the fight and some sad music at the end.  Props, music, emotions, yelling, and dramatic reactions all bring this chapter to life.  Make sure to take lots of photos and videos during the scene.  I put the photos and videos together and make a movie and show it at the beginning of the next class.  Here is an example from a few years ago. […]

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