He llorado song activities

Here are some activities for the song ‘He llorado’ by Juán Magán feat. Gente de Zona.   Instead of handing out a packet with (mostly) cloze activities for our songs this year, I am going to try and do more with each song such as embedded readings, hands-on activities, and MovieTalk with the videos.  You can read this post about creating an engaging lesson with music.

‘He llorado’ is a catchy song that contains high-frequency structures and common themes and stories in songs such as love and missing someone.  I made some embedded readings, a cloze activity, and a sheet with the lyrics in Spanish and English.

Here are the activities:

Version A Reading  |  Version B Reading  |  Version C Reading  |  Cloze Activity  |  He Llorado Spanish-English Lyrics  |  he-llorado-photo-story

Lesson Plan Structure:

Day 1:  Read version A of embedded reading.

Day 2: MovieTalk part of music video (show without sound), do not show the ending!  Read version B of embedded reading.

Day 3: Listen to the song.  MovieTalk last part of music video.

Day 4: Read version C of embedded reading.  Listen to the song and do cloze activity.

Day 5: Watch music video with sound.  Read/discuss lyrics.



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