Navidad TV Commercial Madness

I had great success doing March Music Madness so I am going to try Navidad TV Commercial Madness.  Here is my plan:

  1. Show two commercials in one class and the students will vote for their favorite.
  2. Read the transcript of each commercial before watching it.  This way they will vote for both the visual and the meaning of the commercial.  While reading, I will do some comprehension checks.
  3. Watch each commercial.  I recommend using to download each commercial.
  4. Vote for the best one!

Navidad TV Commercial Madness Bracket (click on the title for the link to each commercial)

Navidad TV Madness Commercials Transcripts

We will see which one wins!



  1. Thank you so much for this!! We did it every day to start our class!! The kids loved it (and I did too!). Our championship was between Liverpool: Deseos de Navidad (they liked the song!) and the Lotería commercial with Antonio y Manuel. And believe it or not, the Lottery won as our grand champion! Thanks for sharing. Feliz Navidad. 🙂 (PS — What won in your classes?? )

  2. Our champion was an exact tie between the Coca Cola commercial and the Iberia commercial. We’ll see who the real winner is upon polling another few classes.

  3. I did this last year with my students and at the end of the year they said that the Navidad madness was their favorite activity. Will you be doing another one this year?

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