TCI Maine 2017 Internado Presentation

Here is my presentation about making Internado (and other authentic resources) comprehensible for the classroom

I did a one hour presentation at the 2017 TCI Maine and Beyond conference in Lewiston, ME about using El Internado in the classroom.  I showed strategies to make it comprehensible to facilitate language acquisition.  The strategies can be adapted to any authentic resource.


  • students will tune out if the authentic resource isn’t comprehensible
  • compelling resources can be a classroom management tool
  • compelling and comprehensible input will lead to engagement and language acquisition
  • pre-watching activities: start brewing suspense, pre-teach the essential vocabulary, do PhotoTalk with screenshots, read a scene with graphic novels
  • do as many pre-watching activities as possible so that you can understand most of the show
  • After watching: Kahoot, Quizizz, Edpuzzle, Quizlet Live, Reading Guide
  • make any compelling authentic resource comprehensible

Here is the presentation:


This is to be used as a resource only.


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