2018 March Music Madness!

Here is my bracket and accompanying handouts for my 2018 March Music Madness.

My students have been asking me about doing March Music Madness since October and finally the time has arrived.  Back by popular demand, here is my March Music Madness, 2018 edition.   We will listen to two songs per day and the class will vote their favorite.  In levels 3 and 4, I will give them the lyrics sheet.

List of 2018 Madness Songs

Here is the 2018 March Music Madness bracket PDF

Here is the 2018 March Music Madness lyrics PDF

Here is the 2018 March Music Madness lyrics Googe Doc

Here is the 2018 March Music Madness Bulletin board bracket (I print them out, make a bracket on my board, and stick them to it)

2018 March Music Madness Youtube playlist

2018 March Music Madness Spotify playlist

Who will be the big winner??  Last year I introduced Despacito to my students way before the song became super popular.

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  1. My question is what do you do as far as videos? I love some of these songs but the videos are obviously questionable, so do you show lyrics videos? Only show the videos for a few of the songs? And if so, do you find that it sways how the students vote (I/.e. do they get bored not seeing the videos and not vote for those songs?) I try to be really careful, maybe too careful, about what I’m showing in class, so I really want to do this but I always have a little trouble wrapping my head around how this will look in my class. It may seem obvious, but I still have trouble figure it out. Any info you can share would be helpful, thanks!!

  2. Dustin,
    Did you happen to notice that the lyrics for El Farsante don’t match the video? I found the lyrics that do match the video and I can send you a copy of the updated lyric sheet if you would like.

    • I see what happened here. The lyrics are for Farsante, but the video that is on the playlist is the Farsante Remix. That is why they didn’t match.

  3. Thank you SO much for posting these links. I’ve wanted to try this for a couple of years, but couldn’t get myself organized. Now YOU got me organized, and all the Spanish teachers in my building have joined in – we have a huge bracket in the hallway, and all the kids are excited about it. Thank you for sharing your work!!

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