2019 March Music Madness!

Here is my bracket and supplements for my 2019 March Music Madness

It is one of my students’ favorite activities: March Music Madness! The 2019 edition should not disappoint. There are 16 hits but there will be only one champion. We will listen to two songs per day and the class will vote their favorite. If the video is appropriate, we will also watch it. You can follow along on Twitter using #marchmusicmadness

2019 March Music Madness Youtube Playlist

2019 March Music Madness Spotify Playlist 

Other Music Madness resources:



  1. Thank you so much! It was such a hit with my students last year. They still are listening to thief favorite songs.
    Muy, muy agradecida!

  2. Mil gracias! My students and I had SO much fun with this last year and love the songs so much that I am sharing last year’s playlist with my students this year! 🙂

  3. Are there activities on a slideshow or doc to go with your songs like you had for your Navidad commercials?

  4. My students loved this activity last year and were begging me to do it again. Thank you for all your hard work. We are also doing it again this year. As a heads up the lyrics to Toda are extremely sexual and definitely not school appropriate. If you haven’t done it yet, you will want to switch that out to another song.

    • This year, I haven’t done anything with the lyrics. We are just focusing on the music, the singing, and the rhythm. I haven’t talked about the lyrics with my students. Two years ago, I had Despacito on the bracket-that song includes some inappropriate lyrics. The song won but we didn’t study the lyrics. For me, March Music Madness is all about the music, getting exposure to contemporary latin music culture, getting my students to enjoy music (many add these songs to their phones), and to do something new and exciting for the long month of March.

  5. Thank you for organizing this! My students absolutely loved it! my 7th graders voted “Con Calma” as the winner and both of my 8th grade classes chose “Loca” as the final winner. I have two classes of 8th graders who are obsessed with Alvaro Soler. Many have begun to follow him on Instagram and some are planning a campaign to get him to the US to perform a concert. I am so impressed with the power of music! Thank you!

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