2021 Christmas Commercial Madness Coming Soon!

The 2021 Navidad and Noël Commercial Madness are coming soon! I have received many questions about whether or not I will be creating a new Christmas Commercial Madness and the answer is yes!  The plan is to have a full Navidad madness of 16 commercials and a half version with 8 commercials.  The plan is to also have the French version with eight commercials (or with 16 if I can). The Spanish Navidad version should hopefully be ready by the last weekend of November.  It takes a long time to create so I appreciate your patience.  The French Noël version should be ready during the week of November 29th.

If you come across any commercials during the next couple weeks, please let me know. You can add any Spanish commercials to THIS DOC and you can add any French commercials to THIS DOC.

In the meantime, if you have not done the madness for any of the past few years, here are all of the Christmas commercial madnesses for the past few years that you can still use this year:

2020 Noël Commercial Madness

2020 Navidad Commercial Madness

2019 Noël Commercial Madness

2019 Navidad Commercial Madness

2018 Noël Commercial Madness

2018 Navidad Commercial Madness


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