Sidewalk Art

First of all this is not my idea.  I can’t take credit for this.  Unfortunately, I can’t remphoto 2ember which website I saw this on.  If it was you, thank you for a great idea!

This is a great activity for after reading a story or a chapter in a novel.  Put students in pairs of 2 (they could also work individually).  Give each group a part of the story/chapter.  They need to choose a scene.  Take the class outside (!!) and give each group a piece of BIG sidewalk chalk.  Each group draws a scene from the story/chapter and writes in the target language a caption for the drawing.

What I learned from doing it the first time:  tell them that the drawing needs to be a certain size.  I had too many enormous drawings. (They ran out of chalk!)

Students’ reactions were all very positive.  One comment was “Señor photo 3you just made my day.”

photo 4



  1. Everything is more fun for students when it outside and when you include sidewalk chalk – it’s a sure hit!

    It might have been Marta Yedinak’s blog post that you saw: “Make It Comprehensible! – Add Some Summer Fun to Your Reading”

    After I read her post in June, I quickly changed my lesson plans to do this activity with students before the end of school. Fun!

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