Parrot Embedded Reading

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I made an embedded reading in Spanish about the story of a parrot escaping from a house in California and returning four years later speaking only Spanish.  This is based on a true story!  I based the embedded reading off of this newspaper article.

My target structures are:

se fue

PDF: Embedded Reading with activities

DOC: el loro embedded (you can change the man’s name to someone in your class)

Embedded Reading Power Point




  1. […] Allison Wienhold’s recently posted about using stations with Robo en la noche and it reminded me that I had created some based off of some interesting things I found from Sharon Birch. Her blog is truly a treasure for Spanish teachers.  She shares so many creative activities like songs, CI activities, games, project choice boards full of creative art projects and more.  This post from Sharon is awesome for Robo en la noche.  This was the first novel that my Spanish 3 class would be reading and I wanted to make sure that they identified with Costa Rican culture before they began the novel.  These are the stations that I created and this is the answer sheet.  I tried to include a little bit about the life there, travel destinations, food and music.  Some other cultural things we learned about to prepare for the novel were Martina Bex’s reading about las ranas de cristal.  We also read about the parrot who escaped California for a few years and returned speaking Spanish with poor manners.  It is quite engaging.  Dustin Williamson created this excellent reading and kindly shared it on his blog. […]

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