FLAME MovieTalk Presentation

Thank you for attending our session about MovieTalk called “MovieTalk + accompanying activities=90% of comprehensible target language”  at the 2015 FLAME conference in Portland, ME.  Here are the resources and powerpoint:

MovieTalk FLAME PDF PowerPoint

MovieTalk FLAME PowerPoint

Other follow up activities will be posted later.  Some can be found HERE.

Updated 3/11:

Follow-Up Activities and Readings:

2015 Honda CR-V   |  Funny Thanksgiving video – Farmer vs turkey story

El Gato de Simón- scary legs story, past tense  |  El Gato de Simón- scary legs story, Spanish 2

Gato de Simón- scary legs, questions  |  Simon’s cat-fly guy, side 1 cross  |  SimonsCat-FlyGuy, lado 2

Simon’s cat- double trouble-preguntas-1  |  La niña que recuerda  |  Simon’s cat-fly guy, side 1 cross

El gato de Simón-Fly guy story_1  |  El gato de Simón-Fly guy story  |  Simón fly guy fill ins

Simon’s Cat TV dinner French script




Unauthorized use or distribution of materials without express and written consent of the owners/authors is strictly prohibited.   Making photocopies, distribution, and use in classroom is perfectly fine.   Examples and  links may be used as long as clear and direct reference to the site and original authors is clearly established.


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