Plickers and Quizizz

This is what is shown on the computer projector.

Kahoot is by far my students’ favorite game that we play in class but this past summer I was introduced to two new online interactive games to play in class.  They are Plickers and Quizizz.


With Plickers, students do not need an Internet device.  All they need is a printed QR Code.  Here is what you do: go to the Plickers website.  Create a class and upload your roster.  Add questions.  Here is the tricky part: you need to queue each question to a particular class in order to use it.  Then click on live view and project the computer screen.   On a separate internet device (I use my iPAD) open the Plickers APP and select the class.  The question will appear on the projected screen.  Each student has a QR code specific to them.  They hold up the card for the answer and you scan it.  The result pops up on the projected screen.  It works quite well and my students have enjoyed playing this.  It is another great novel way to check for comprehension and to have fun.

During the game, this is what each student will see on their screen.


Quizizz is more like Kahoot.  Go to the Quizizz website, create questions, and boom! you are ready to go.  Each student needs an internet device.  They connect to the game via a game pin.  When the game starts, all of the questions appear on the student’s screen.  The teacher does nothing during the game.  I definitely recommend trying Quizizz.  Some of my students liked it better than Kahoot!  Here is my Quizizz game for chapter 1 of Bianca Nieves y los 7 toritos.




  1. Dustin, I have also used and my kids really enjoy it! I like using it for story asking because it makes it different and gives the novelty we are always looking to add in our lesson. The only thing, if you use it for story asking, since you have to give options to your kids, you need to make sure that the questions and answers flow together, that takes some planning, but at the end you have something that you can use over and over. Thank you for all the things you share with us! You are amazing 🙂

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