Bullfighting PictureTalk

Photo by Dustin Williamson

We all know the great power of MovieTalk, this year I am going to try more PictureTalks.  As a photographer, I have tons of photos from Mexico, Spain, the Carribean, etc. that I can show to my classes as a means to deliver CI and culture.  I can use the photos to tell a story.  PictureTalk is the same as MovieTalk, except that they are photos and not a video.

In my level 3  class, we are getting ready to read Bianca Nieves y los 7 Toritos about bullfighting so I went back in my photo archives and pulled out my pictures that I took of a corrida in Spain many years ago.

Here was my plan:

Day 1: introduce core structures: cuidaba, ocurrió, pasaron (por), toro, torero.  We spent a little bit of time doing gestures and PQA with those words.  Then show the photos and do PictureTalk.  I described each photo, what happens during a bullfight, and asked for opinions.  I also did many comprehension checks.  The photos sparked some great conversation. I also hooked them and told them that we will see the bull attacking the bullfighter in a video(see day 2).   Here are the photos

The photos told a story which made this PictureTalk successful.

Day 2:  Review the core structures and show the slideshow.  Here is the slideshow.  Then we will watch Blood Brothers from 60 minutes.  Here is an easy cloze reading activity that you can do.

After I read them El Cuento de Ferdinando, we will be ready to read the novel.



  1. Hi!

    I am so thankful for your blog and your willingness to share your ideas.

    The Bullfighting PictureTalk is great and I know I could use pieces of it with my 2s. Just in case you didn’t catch it yet, in the slide show, your references to the sword ( espada ) are typed as “espalda”. I struggled with mentioning it because I am grateful for all your resources and ideas but I thought you would for sure want to know.


    Vanessa Drackett Spanish 1 & Spanish 2 Lamar Middle School

    Preparing Leaders – Shaping the Future – Impacting the World.

  2. In another blog post, you mention you watch a version of Blancanieves along with this unit. Which version do you watch? Do you have any resources for that?

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